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Self-recovery fuse the advantages of

    Resettable fuse is an overcurrent the electronic protection components, the use of polymer organic polymer under the conditions of high pressure, high temperature, curing reaction mix plus conductive particle material, processed through a special process. Huizhou fuse manufacturers brief introduction of self-recovery fuse advantages:
1, resettable fuse with automatic recovery performance, reduce the number of repair and service, thereby reducing costs.
2, the self-recovery fuse in the extreme time, in order to protect some of the more sensitive resistor in the circuit, so that the the ballast reliability and service life can be improved.
3, the the resettable fuse power consumption is very low, does not appear in the normal current state of extreme heat and energy consumption. In the normal operating current, the resistance is very small (typically only a few tenths of ohms) and thus will not form a resonance circuit.
4, since the resumption of the small size of the fuse, the space occupied by the circuit board, ease of design.